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About Andrew

Hi, I’m Andrew, a Cornwall wedding photographer specialising in all things real, moments of emotion and happiness!

My background

I studied photography at University for three years and I have also travelled the world for a few years working on superyachts.

As well as a photographer I am a husband to my gorgeous wife Gemma and a very proud father to my daughter Erin and my baby son Sam.

I first picked up a camera properly when I was working abroad. I loved immersing myself in the local cultures and photographing the people that I met. This is where I became inseparable from my camera and hooked on photographing people in this most natural and truthful way. I documented my experiences and shared them with loved ones back home.

After a few years away, I moved to Falmouth, Cornwall, where I quickly settled. The mix of outdoor living, water and sailing made me quickly feel right at home.

“Weddings give me an opportunity to do what I love, which is to photograph people.”

Andrew George

What led me to photographing weddings was very similar to what led me to pick up a camera in the first place. Weddings give me an opportunity to do what I love, which is to photograph people. Capturing people naturally and authentically when they are so happy is an amazing thing. Creating photographs that are going to be treasured for a lifetime is a real privilege and something that I pride myself in.

I hope that my photographs do most of the talking but if you have any other questions please get in touch.

You can look at my portfolio and also my blog to get an idea of how I shoot individual weddings. For a more behind the scenes view look at my style/approach.

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