My Approach

I allow everything to happen naturally

Candid and Natural

The photos I love to take are always the ones when feelings and emotions come through. I work really hard to capture these candid moments that make your day so personal.

Nobody is asked to pose and nothing is staged. Just natural and real photos.


I just let things happen! As simple as it sounds this is my approach to photographing weddings and how I work for nearly all of your day. Being unobtrusive allows me to capture people enjoying themselves throughout the day, cue the best photographs and the ones I love to take!

The way I work captures real life as it happens!


I listen to the bride and groom to create shots that enable me to capture special moments and also portray the feel of the whole occasion. The end result of this approach is a group of creative images that tell a story in the most natural way.


Like most newly wed couples, people often want to have some shots taken of just the two of them. My approach again to these photographs is for the couple to be relaxed and informal.


The intimacy and privacy of these photos always make them special and bride and groom get a chance to reflect and be together.

No Staging

Bride and Groom, in my opinion, should be with their friends and families on their wedding day, not waiting for photographers to set up fashion shoot style lighting. Saying “shall we head down to the beach for a walk” is about the nearest I will get to staging a photograph. No awkward stances or cliché looks.

Formal Shots

Formal shots are also very important and I like to organise these with minimum of fuss so that the day is not interrupted too much.

The Photographer

The enjoyment and excitement of photographing people is one of the reasons that I was drawn to wedding photography. Knowing, when I am working, that I am creating photographs that people will treasure is a real privilege and something that drives me. 

I thoroughly believe that choosing a photographer for a wedding is a very personal thing. Everyone is different and will want different things from their photographer, hence why it is so important to get to know a photographer, their approach and their style